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A warm welcome to all those who are in search of quality service from the best builders in Thrissur. Like any other construction company, to stay on top you must be well aware about the current trends and latest inventions. As we are going through an era where every conventional system has been reorganized in order to include the latest technology, the construction industry is no exception. You need to well ware about the latest technology and the building structure should also be adjusted to incorporate these techy things.

Also we have been facing a dramatic shift in the climate where our current structure is being tested in the changing weather of Kerala. All these conditions and many more should be taken in to consideration and an ideal solution has to be derived for any homes irrespective of their size.

Our engineers and Architects are being on the quest to provide you the best solution for your home construction. Nevertheless, we are always expanding into new dimensions of construction where we can adopt the best practices and deliver it to the common people in a cost-effective way.


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Turn your unused land into a commercial building with the help of our talented engineers. We are the best builders in Thrissur with more than 10 years..

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A dream home would be everyone’s bucket list for a long time. Building a perfect home involves a lot of hard work and craftsmanship. If you would like .

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The construction in kerala is changing day by day. There is new materials and technologies are introduced into the construction sector which is far more better

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    our experience with R.K builders was outstanding and we would highly recommend them to any work

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    I have used RK Builders for a major conversion and other smaller jobs and always have found them to be a very good and well organised building company.

    • James
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When it comes to construction, everyone is concerned about getting the best services because it is a one-time investment. You need to get the best service in town as it will affect your time and money if you can’t get it right.
Ours is the award-winning construction company in Thrissur. Being one of the top builders and contractors in Thrissur we do make sure that our beloved clients is getting the best service in the industry. From acquiring the building permit to getting the building number after construction, our team is with you during the journey to build your dream home.
For every step of the construction work, we make sure that the client requirement has been met and they are satisfied with the overall progress of the work at any given time. This strategy is simple but hard to keep up. Our teammates and engineers are very talented because of their experience and coordinated workflow.
We welcome all of you to experience the top quality service and We are ready to build it for you.

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