• April 6, 2019
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A dream home would be everyone’s bucket list for a long time. Building a perfect home involves a lot of hard work and craftsmanship. If you would like to build a home in your dream you would definitely need an engineer who understands your vision and implements it in the real world. Also along the way you need to find the right persons to get the raw materials and manpower. So even though the whole process includes a starting sum of 10 lakhs, it includes a lot of personal effort and contribution to make the whole process a big success.

RK Builders and Developers, who is been in this industry for more than 5 years will be your sole companion in your journey to your dream home. We will undertake full responsibility of every step involved in the construction. From acquiring the permit from the local body to creating a beautiful Compound wall we will be there and we will take care of all the processes.

Here we would like to share your steps involved in building a Beautiful Home.

What are the documents required to before starting the construction?

Before Building any structure in your property you need to get the following documents from the local authority of your area.

  1. Possession Certificate
  2. Building Permit

What Documents do I need to submit to get the Building Permit

We can start the construction once we have these documents in hand. So you will be wondering what document does one need to submit to acquire these documents from the government authority.

To Get the Possession certificate you need submit the following documents

  1. Copy Deed document
  2. Land Tax Document

After Acquiring the possession certificate you can apply for the Build permit by Submitting the Following documents to the Authority

  1. Copy Deed document
  2. Land Tax Document
  3. Possession certificate

So for any individual, these steps would be a little difficult to get over with due to lack of experience.

But you don’t have to bother any more…Here in RK Builders and Developers, we have experienced Officers who are capable of dealing such task for you.

RK Builders and Developers not only help you with the construction work but also can help you to get the paperwork done on time for you.

What are the services one will get from RK Builders and Developers?

Well…We are very much happy to help you anytime in your journey to build an amazing residential area.

At RK Builders you will get the following Services at a reasonable cost.

  1. Planning
  2. 3D Modeling of the interior
  3. Estimation

We welcome all of you to experience the service provided by RK Builders and Developers in which you can relax and concentrate on your business we will take care of completing your dream home construction work.

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