Do you have unused land near road side?

Is your home in a busy area and you have unused land in your property? can turn it into a permanent source of income by building a commercial space in there.Whether it is only 3 cents you can make the land work for you if that place is situated beside a busy road and there is nearby shops and business.

Or if you have a passion to be your own boss, you can start your own retail shop or any business of your desire. It doesn't matter if there is no nearby shops,all you have to make sure is that the street is busy, people are using your street daily. Then obviously you can confidently start your dream venture

RK Builders and Developers has over 10 years of experience and have expert engineers and architect to build a attractive commercial space in your area under your budget.

Lets just think as a customer who would want to hire your place for their business. Based on the product or services they are offering, each one would probably have different requirements.

For Example if it is a duty free shop, it must require the most eye catching place in your commercial space. They would have lots of advertisement boards and stickers to promote there retail shop. Also the place should have easily accessible to people as no one would be ready to walk upstairs to buy a perfume bottle.

But if it is an online company which delivers the product or service through internet, they don't require the top spot in your building. They would go for a place where they can be less distracted by the disturbances.

Why we pointed out these aspect is that , you should be aware of the allocation process when these business approaches you for space. It plays an important role as it decides the future of your commercial space and your income.

Consider it like a balanced ecosystem where one’s well being directly related to othersexistence. For example If a hotel in your building space closed down for unknown reason it might affect the sale of the nearby stationery store.

All these aspects are seems like small facts but if we don't pay enough attention to the details we will lose considerable amount of money.

As a construction company we will keep these aspects in our designs and architecture where you can host almost all types of businesses.

So construction part of the commercial space would not going to be problem now, but what about the paper works preceding it.?

It takes more man hours to get the paperwork done than for the construction, if you are inexperienced and don’t have the right documents with you.

Well, you don't have to worry about it any more as our experienced team can take care of it for you.

As of today the building regulation and rules are taking continuous amendments based on the landscape.

If you look at the some of the general requirement and Govt. requirement for example, you will understand it much better.

  • The place should have parking area separately for two wheeler and four wheeler. At least 3 meter front area for parking.
  • The place should be easily accessible for disabled persons and there should be a separate toilet.
  • Proper waste disposal mechanism and separate treatment for plastic and bio waste
  • Rainwater storage tank

Along with this there should be additional guidelines from the governing bodies of the place.

In RK Builders and Developers you can get all these service under one roof.

We are very happy and proud to tell you that we can take care of at the paper works for you and we can make sure that the building is fit for all kind of business. Our engineers and architects can easily come up with an ideal solution based on your land and requirements.