10 western Architectural designs that fit for Kerala life style
10 western Architectural designs that fit for Kerala life style

10 western Architectural designs that fit for Kerala life style and environment

Kerala has been witnessed lot of changes in the house building architecture over the period of time. This process has been influenced by the western visitors and builders and their stay back in our home land. Not only the western people but the Arabs, Romans and Chinese travelers contributed to the architecture evolution in Kerala.

If you look at the palaces in Kerala most of them have at least some of the parts have been adapted from other countries. Especially in Thrissur the builders and contractors have chosen wide variety of architectural designs. In fact, lot of the interior works have been done using the imported materials from other countries. Our economic relation and vast trading networks helps the rulers to explore these architectural designs in their palace.

Here we are listing some of the western architectural designs that could use in Kerala. We have made this list keeping mind that the design fully supports the environment and suits our daily life.

  • Farm house architecture
  • Cottage architecture
  • Victorian architecture
  • Tudor architecture
  • Mediterranean architecture
  • Italianate architecture
  • Colonial architecture
  • Craftsman architecture
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Modern architecture

You can explore each in detail for further more information.

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